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Saturday, September 19, 2015

High School Long Kicks - Georgia

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Georgia.
  • 67 yarder by Rusty Curry for Duluth High in 13-6 win over Norcross High on September 3, 1999
"Duluth's head coach that year was Kenny Reese, who is now an assistant at Parkview. I ran into Reese before the Norcross-Parkview game on Friday and asked him about Rusty's field goal. "It was probably the ugliest kick he had all year," Reese joked. Duluth opened the game with a defensive stop against Duluth, but the punter booted the ball further than expected. When the Wildcats couldn't do anything offensively, the Wildcats elected to use a free kick. Curry was allowed to kick the ball off a tee, but didn't hit it solid and the ball wobbled in for a field goal." - Gwinnett Prep Sports
“It’s a yearly question that gets asked by the students,' Curry said this year on the 15th anniversary of his record kick. 'The students either find out from previous students or the Internet. When I was coaching my first three years (at Blythewood), I coached the kickers and inevitably they would ask about it. I still keep up with the kickers on the football team, so they know about it. Someone always brings it up. “It feels like a lifetime ago. It definitely doesn’t impact who I am. I guess it’s pretty cool to think about. I think my high school students get more enjoyment out of it than I do. It’s just something I did when I was 17 years old and I don’t think about it too often'.” - Gwinnett Daily Post
  • 64 yarder by Reid Cline for Rockford County High during 22-28 loss to Habersham Central in 2002 
  • 63 or 64 Jake Verity for Bremen in 17-14 win over Rockmart
"One big boot ended up being the difference as Jake Verity’s leg helped the Bremen High School football team break into the win column on Friday night. The Blue Devil senior place-kicker connected on a 64-yard free kick just before halftime that put the Blue Devils up 10-7 at halftime in a game they would go on to win by that same three-point margin — 17-14 — against Rockmart." -
  • 63 yarder by Dax Langley for Conyers Heritage High during 10-26 loss to Athens Cedar Shoals Schools on November 5, 1993 
  • 62 yarder by Ryan Nall for George Walton Academy in 24-0 win over John Milledge Academy on November 11, 2000 (GISA state playoffs)
  • 61 yarder by Miles Hemphill for East Paulding during 35-6 loss to Stephenson on November 23, 2012 (Class AAAAA playoffs)

  • 59 yarder by Chris Gardocki of Redan vs. Stone Mountain in 1987
  • 59 yarder by Kanon Parkman of Stone Mountain in 1990
  • 59 yarder by Joseph Monsour of LaGrange during 38-0 homecoming win over Columbus in 2009
“I was about to kick the 50-yarder, and (holder) Braxton (Smith) started winking at me,' Mansour said. 'So, we took the delay of game and then we jumped offsides. The ref was like, ‘Are you serious, you’re kicking it again?’ And I kicked it.” Mansour’s only regret? 'I wish we could have backed it up one more time so I could’ve broken (the record)'.”
  • 59 yarder by Austin Hardin of Marist during 17-14 win over Southwest DeKalb in 2010
“I had missed a couple, and I wasn’t hitting my kickoffs out of the end zone like usual. He could tell I wasn’t really there mentally,' Hardin recalled. 'As soon as they called the field goal it seemed like I was in a special zone,' he said. 'I just said to myself ‘I’m not gonna miss this. This is what you’ve been waiting for your whole season and this is the kick is gonna hopefully get you noticed by colleges.’ As the kick went up, the ball sailed through the night for what seemed like forever. In fact, an entire six seconds would go off the clock before the ball reached its destination. 'Honestly, it wasn’t one of my best kicks,' Hardin said. 'It did have a good distance, but it stayed up in the air forever. For a second I was like ‘dang it I missed this, this is gonna come up short.’ As it was going through the air, I was just like ‘please go through.’ Go through it did. The field goal cleared the uprights by three or four yards. And Marist had an unlikely hero. In the midst of the excitement, the War Eagles amassed a plethora of excessive celebration penalties as they rushed the field while Chadwick and other coaches tried to hold players back. In the end they would have to take the ensuing kickoff from their own 20-yard line. 'Even my Dad came down and he almost tackled me and I was like ‘Dad the game’s still going!' Hardin remembered. But SWD didn’t threaten on the return, and Hardin had just helped his team to its greatest victory of the season to date. 'As soon as that went through I was so happy,' Hardin said. 'It was almost like a dream'.”

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