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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NFL Week Eight, 2013: Assorted Kicking Tidbits & Milestones

Josh Brown accounted for all of the Giants scoring against the Eagles with five field goals, while Nick Folk accounted for all of the Jets scoring against the Bengals with three field goals. The combined 8 of 8 for Big Apple kickers on the day was surpassed only by a pair of kickers 32 years ago, when Joe Danelo made six field goals for the Giants and Pat Leahy made four for the Jets on October 18th - although in both those games there was additional scoring aside from the field goals.

Dan Bailey made a pair of 53 yarders in the loss to the Lions. He is now the Cowboys franchise leader in career field goals of 50+ yards:
  • 9 Dan Bailey
  • 8 Rafael Septien
  • 5 Nick Folk
  • 4 David Buehler
  • 4 Ken Willis
  • 4 Billy Cundiff
  • 3 Eddie Murray
  • 3 Lin Elliott
  • 2 Sam Baker
  • 2 Toni Fritsch
  • 2 Richie Cunningham

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