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Monday, October 7, 2013

NFL Week Five: Five Apiece for Alex Henery & Mason Crosby

Eagles kicker Alex Henery was 5 of 5 on field goals (40, 27, 29, 36 & 41 yards) yesterday. Philadelphia won the game 36-21 over the New York Giants.

“I was just a little too fast so I tried to slow everything down. In the end when you slow everything down and everything moves slower, you hit the ball a lot better like I did today. You just feel more comfortable out there instead of rushing everything. When I say slower it’s hundreths of a second. You’re going to get blocked if you change it too much. But slowing it down just gives you that extra bit of time to see the ball.” 
Packers kicker Mason Crosby was 5 of 5 on field goals (26, 52, 31, 42 & 45 yards) yesterday. Green Bay won the game 22-9 over Detroit.
“I was happy. I am happy that I’m getting all these opportunities. I want to score touchdowns as much as anyone else because that means we’re putting up points. But whenever I’m called, I want to take advantage of it....

It is my first time ever with five field goals. I’m really pumped about that. At the same time, it’s awesome that it came with a win....

I didn't hit [the 52 yarder] as high as I wanted to. It didn't come off with a ton of elevation but obviously it was enough. But it was right down the middle and that was my thing, just hit a good, strike on the ball. Down on that end, even though there's not that much wind down there, as I'm learning the new Lambeau I guess, that new side I just have to kind of blast one down the middle. Take the side wind out of it and just hit it."

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