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Monday, October 7, 2013

NFL Week Five: Justin Tucker & Caleb Sturgis

With the game tied late in the fourth quarter, the Ravens set up Justin Tucker with a 44 yard field goal attempt with 1:42 remaining.  He made the kick, as he also did on three earlier kicks (42, 50 & 25 yards), and Baltimore won the game 26-23 over Miami.

“To be able to put ourselves in that position where we have the upper hand in the two-minute drill, that’s big time for us.... It's definitely good to come in here and be able to get our first road win of the season. It's definitely a good feeling to hop on the plane knowing as a team we got the job done and individually I was able to pull my weight."
The Dolphins did get a shot to re-tie the game... a long shot. With 38 seconds remaining, Caleb Sturgis , who earlier had also made three kicks (37, 25 & 48 yards), attempted a 57 yarder, but the kick went wide left.
“I just mishit it a little bit. It was a great snap and hold and the protection was great. The wind usually blows into you there. I wanted to make sure I got into it and I mishit it a little bit and I cost the team.... It depends what the conditions are and I shouldn’t have done anything differently. Because of the distance, I wanted to make sure I got it there, but I hooked it pretty good. If the humidity is really high, the ball won’t carry as far, but the ball was traveling pretty good today. There wasn’t much wind at that time....

It was a bad time to miss. I just have to go out there and make it and I didn’t.... This is a great group of guys and they told me to keep my head up and that they have confidence in me. It’s my job now to go and make things right.”

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