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Monday, October 21, 2013

NFL Week Seven: Assorted Hits & Misses

Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski made a 44 yard field goal at the end of the fourth quarter to send their game against the Jets into overtime. New York went on to win the game on a Nick Folk field goal, which was obviously not the outcome Gostkowski was hoping for.
“It was nice to help force the team into overtime, but it doesn’t feel very rewarding to come away with the loss there. It’s just part of the game. It just stinks to lose and to lose a division game. It’s just not as fulfilling, I guess, to be able to hit a kick like that. It stinks. It stinks to lose. Everybody feels it when you lose. I would have rather scored a touchdown at the end there than me make that kick. It’s all about winning here. It just stinks that we couldn’t finish it out.”
During the third quarter of Chicago's  45-41 loss to Washington, Bears  kicker Robbie Gould missed a 34 yard attempt wide right. It was obviously not the outcome he was hoping for.
"I don’t know. I hit a bad kick. I missed it. They called it a miss, and so it’s a miss. I can’t do that. You never put a field goal like that that close. I just have to go down the middle."
Trailing the Packers 17-6 early in the fourth quarter, the Browns opted to go for it on 4th and 15 rather than attempting a 49 yard field goal in wet, windy conditions. Kicker Billy Cundiff elaborated afterward:
“I talked to Mason [Crosby] after the game and he said he felt like he hit a pretty good ball [on amissed 52 yard attempt]. To watch that ball fall 3 yards short, that kind of lets you know what that end was doing....
To be honest with you, [my range] depends on how the wind’s blowing. There’s too many variables involved. The coach, he gets paid the big bucks for a reason. He’s looking at it.”
Trailing the Steelers 13-9 early in the fourth quarter, the Ravens tried an onside kick. They didn't recover it. Kicker Justin Tucker elaborated afterward:
“We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves. We have a lot of guns in the arsenal. It’s just a matter of when we are going to use them.  It’s not an ‘if’ thing for us.  It’s a ‘when’ thing. At the end of the day, the result isn’t what we would have wanted. Nobody is going to question our [guts] and whether we’re going to make those calls. That’s important to set the tone like that.”
One of yesterday's biggest hits (see just about everywhere on the internet) came from Colts punter Pat McAfee on Broncos returner Trindon Holliday.
“I heard I blew up Twitter. Right after the hit, Adam [Vinatieri] said I’d probably get fined for the hit, but think of how it helped my street cred.”

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