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Monday, October 21, 2013

NFL Week Seven: Dan Carpenter Kicks Winner Against Former Team

Enjoying a strong season with his new team, Bills kicker Dan Carpenter returned to Miami yesterday to play his former team. Dolphins fans booed him during every kick.
"Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how the reception would be. On the first field goal, I got my answer.... 
It was maybe Derek Jeter who said if you go back somewhere where you played (and) they don’t boo you it means you’re not worth being booed.”
With 36 seconds left in the game, Carpenter kicked his third field goal of the day - a 31 yarder to give the Bills a 23-21 lead over the Dolphins.
“It’s got extra meaning since it’s a division game. There was nothing special about it, and I have no hard feelings about what happened with the Dolphins. I’m glad to be in Buffalo right now and doing anything I can to help this team win....

I just wanted to make sure everything timing-wise was consistent on what we’ve always done. We’re pretty quick in Buffalo. There really wasn’t much thought process. Just kick it through those yellow things out there.”
It proved to be the game winner, but not until after Carpenter faced Dolphins returner Marcus Thigpen and the Bills defense held on during the waning seconds.

“I didn't tackle him. Credit to Thiggy for sure. When I hit him, I thought for sure he was going down. But he somehow stayed up....

I put our team in a really tough spot. Obviously, the ball was flying really well that way all day. I didn’t hit [the kickoff] very well....Get him on the ground. Get him on the ground any way you can. When you’re the last line of defense, that’s your thought process. I was not happy with myself on the kickoff so I just wanted to make sure — I didn’t want the game to end that way. I wanted to do anything I could to get him down. It wasn’t enough, but I guess it was enough to slow him down [for] the rest of the pursuit to come get him....

I'm a cheerleader at that point, unfortunately. I was extremely disappointed with my kickoff and gave them great field position. Our defense came up big and got off the field."

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