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Friday, November 1, 2013

Advice to Aspiring Long Snappers, 2013

It all begins here. Every under-appreciated extra point. Every action-packed punt. Every awe-inspiring field goal. They all begin with the snap of the ball. Our annual Q&A series with college senior specialists begins with Division I long snappers, who answered the following question:
If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring high school long snappers, what would it be?
Austin Woods, Oklahoma
"Practice, practice, practice. Good deep snappers are perfectionists because snaps have to be precise in order to have good timing on field goals and punts. Our job is to make a perfect snap so it's easy for the holder and punter to catch."

Phil Doumar, Florida State
"Not to give up; to believe in yourself even if you feel like no one else does. It took me four years of work to get where I am today as the starter."

Vance Barton, Massachusetts
"Refine your form, a perfect snap comes from perfect form. And never settle for good enough. Especially if you are aspiring to go on after college."

Kevin O'Mary, BYU
"Your job is more important than others make you think. Take long snapping seriously, and work to perfect your craft. People on your team will eventually respect the seriousness with which you approach getting better at snapping."

J.R. Carr, Tennessee
"Never be complacent. There is always something you can work on from your mental game, to blocking, coverage, and making those around you better."

Ryan Iverson, Colorado
"Always work on improving your technique. Accuracy is the key to be a successful snapper."

Cody Booth, Temple
"Stick with it and always try to keep getting better."

Josh Cuthbert, Louisiana Tech
"Practice every opportunity that you can. There is always something with fundamentals or technique that can be worked on. Do not get complacent there is always someone looking to take your job! "

Kevin Barthelemy, Pittsburgh
"Never be content with your current skill set. There are always areas where you can improve whether it be consistency, speed, accuracy, or coverage. There is always something you can do better that will help you get to the next level. And just be relaxed and have fun with it."

Andrew Suter, Oklahoma State
"Don't let being a football player define you as a person. The times you spend in college are to help you grow as a man and come out a better person. Stay true to who you are as a person and most of all have fun."

Paul Skolmutch, Akron
"Perfect your technique, always work on the little things, get in the weight room, it will only help you, and most importantly place yourself in a critical game situation to gain confidence in your ability. This way when that critical situation comes around, it's just another snap."

Mike Kaiser, New Mexico State
"The most important thing is making sure you find time to balance school and football. Make sure that your education is your highest priority because its the best thing to fall back on. As far as snapping, make sure you are worried about accuracy, not speed. Speed will come with strength and conditioning, but accuracy is something that must be practiced constantly."

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