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Friday, November 29, 2013

NFL Week Thirteen: Justin Tucker & Shaun Suisham

Things went well for one kicker and not-so-well for the other kicker in Baltimore's 22-20 win over Pittsburgh.

Midway through the second quarter, a 50 yard field goal attempt by the Steelers resulted in a 12 yard loss. Shaun Suisham's approach came early, arriving head of the snap and hold. Punter/holder Mat McBriar then handed the ball to Suisham who was downed 12 yards behind the line of scrimmage on the aborted kick. Head coach Mike Tomlin noted afterward:
“We were doing it on a cadence to slow down their rush. “Shaun Suisham started for the ball early and created a situation where we weren't able to get the play off.”
Shaun Suisham said of the play:
“That really wasn’t a planned play. Our timing was really off. We just tried to get something out of it....
It was off there. You'd like to have that one back.” 
For the Ravens, kicker Justin Tucker accounted for 16 of their points- with an extra point and field goals of 43, 34, 38, 45 and 48 yards.
“I don’t think I’d say anything about being at an all-time high, or I really don’t even acknowledge when people tell me that I’m on some sort of streak or anything. I just feel like I’m doing my job....

I feel like I’ve been hitting my ball all season long, aside from one game. As long as we have this continuity between snap/hold/kick that we have had over the last several weeks, we know we’re going to be coming with points, no matter what....

I go into every single game knowing it’s going to be on me and expecting the game to come down to one or two or three points or one possession. If I didn’t prepare like that, then what am I doing out there on the practice field? That’s a big part of our mental preparation is going into every single game, regardless of who we’re playing, what time of the year it is, what the conditions are like, knowing that at the end of the game there’s a very real possibility that it could come down to a single snap, a single hold, a single kick. That’s just the NFL.”

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