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Monday, December 9, 2013

Broncos Kicker Matt Prater Hits NFL Record 64 Yard Field Goal

There is no longer a four-way tie at 63 yards in the NFL record book for longest field goal. On the final play of the first half during Denver's 51-28 win over Tennessee yesterday, Broncos kicker Matt Prater hit a 64 yarder. 

Here's what everyone had to say...

Matt Prater, the guy who kicked it
"I was clueless. I didn't know he was going to call for the field goal. I didn't know the kick would be from where it was. I think it helped me to get out there late. Because I had to rush out there, I didn't have much time to think about it....

You know, it was so cold – I knew I had hit it pretty good but I just wasn’t sure with the cold and everything if it was going to make it. But then when I saw the ref’s hands go up, I can’t even explain how I felt after....

It was little tough [Sunday], especially the first couple kicks, but by that time my foot was numb anyway. I felt like I hit it pretty good, but I didn't know, but I honestly thought it was going to be real close, but they put the return guy back there and I saw him backing up and thought I was going to have to cover this. I was just trying to blast it and I thought I hit it pretty well....

Such an awesome moment, I'm glad it came in a win. It was crazy, it was awesome because almost the whole team rushed the field after that kick. It definitely was a momentum swing....
I can’t even explain it. It was just crazy.”
Aaron Brewer, the guy who snapped it
"I didn't know it was for the longest. I just knew I was supposed to run down and cover it. So I ran down and turned around and everyone was going crazy. It was pretty cool."
Britton Colquitt, the guy who held it
"I just told him to kick it as hard as he can, which is kind of what I always tell him, and follow through. I felt like as long as he didn't do something crazy, he was going to make it. There was no question.... [TE Jacob] Tamme claims that he ran out of bounds so Prater could get the record — at the right spot....
Prater kind of looked at me like, 'Aren't we down one, still?' I was like, 'Yeah.' He was like, 'It kind of feels like we're winning, doesn't it?' It definitely did."
John Fox, the head coach
"We've got a lot of confidence in Matt's leg. You always kind of dream of that opportunity occurring and then being able to kick it. In those conditions, it was really pretty miraculous. It was a great kick ... He nailed it. We just got done giving him a game ball for breaking that record."
Rob Bironas, the kicker on the other sideline
“That was a hell of a kick. I don’t care if you have altitude in Denver or not, it was cold. Props to him.”
Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears kicker
"Congrats Matt Prater on the new NFL longest field goal record."
Josh Scobee, Jacksonville Jaguars kicker
"Congrats Matt Prater! New record!"
Josh Brown, New York Giants kicker
"Congrats Matt Prater!! Awesome kick"
Ashley Dempsey, daughter of Tom Dempsey (who was the first to have kicked a 63 yarder)
“It wouldn’t have bothered him. When Jason Elam tied it in 1999, my dad sent him an e-mail congratulating him. It always special to him that when he broke the record, he got a telegram from the kicker who had it (Bert Rechichar), so he would have been cheering for him to do it....

Dad always figured if somebody beat it, it would happen in Denver. But he said, ‘I’ll always have the record for below sea level'.”
Jason Elam, the second of four kickers to have hit a 63 yarder
"I've been asked if I'm disappointed. The way I look at it is I got to hold that thing or co-hold it for 15 years, and as a fan it's like the Olympics. As a fan watching the Olympics, you want to see that record broken. You're cheering him on. I know what it meant to me. I know how much fun it was for me especially back in '98. I'm excited for Matt that he gets to experience it. It's all his now."

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CharlieCoachLee said...

Now three of the longest NFL kicks ever have occurred because of Denver kickers. 65-(pre-season) Ola Kimrin; 64-Matt Prater & 63-Jason Elam.

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