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Monday, January 13, 2014

College All-Star Games 2013-2014: The Specialists

A few more opportunities to see your favorite college kickers, punters and snappers in action.

Medal of Honor Bowl: January 11th
  • American kicker/punter Michael Palardy, Tennessee
  • American long snapper Marcus Woodside-Heit, Kansas State
  • National kicker Drew Basil, Ohio State
  • National punter Paul Layton, Temple
  • National long snapper Tanner Hedstrom, Colorado State
East-West Shrine Game: January 18th
  • East kicker Zach Hocker, Arkansas
  • West kicker Anthony Fera, Texas
  • East punter Steven Clark, Auburn
  • West punter Richie Leone, Houston
NFLPA Collegiate Bowl: January 18th
  • National long snapper Trevor Gillette, Rice
  • American long snapper Chris Maikranz, Lamar
  • National kicker Cairo Santos, Tulane
  • American kicker Vincenzo D'Amato, California
  • National punter Tom Hornsey, Memphis
  • American punter Tyler Campbell, Mississippi
Senior Bowl: January 25th
  • South kicker Cody Parkey, Auburn
  • North kicker Chris Boswell, Rice
  • North punter Kirby Van Der Camp, Iowa State
  • South punter Cody Mandell, Alabama
  • South long snapper Marcus Woodside-Heit, Kansas State
  • North long snapper Tyler Ott, Harvard
College All-Star Bowl: February 14th
  • kicker/punter Ray Early, Furman
  • kicker/punter Nick Belcher, South Carolina State
  • long snapper Greg Parcher, Maryland
  • long snapper Phillip Fajgenbaum, Clemson
As always, if we missed anything, feel free to let us know!

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