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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lou Groza & Ray Guy Awards - Candidates Comments

The Lou Groza Award and the Ray Guy Award, among some other awards, will be handed out tonight. In preparation, we've compiled recent comments from the three kickers and the three punters that are finalists.

Roberto Aguayo, Florida State (freshman) 
"It's fun. I made the top three and it's just a blessing. Now that we're here in Orlando, it's just fun seeing all these great athletes here and being next to them, it just makes you (know) — you're the real deal being here....

I feel like [coach Jimbo Fisher] thinks of me as a weapon. I feel like I've contributed a lot to the team.""
Anthony Fera, Texas (senior) 
"It’s been crazy, starting off with Penn State, going out there. I redshirted my freshman year. The next two years I played. Last year transferring here, the sanctions and stuff, that was a pretty crazy experience. Coming here I think was the right decision for me and my family. So it’s been pretty crazy. Now this year, I’m just trying to do the best I can."
Marvin Kloss, South Florida (junior)
“I couldn’t have imagined this a few months ago. It’s out of my hands now. I’m just enjoying this moment....

[If I win] I’ll go up there trying to speak, probably with a frog in my throat. I’m probably more at home on the field, trying to make a kick. But I’m excited to be here with everything this week. It has been a blast."
Tom Hornsey, Memphis (senior)
"The recognition I've been able to get has been rewarding for the work I've put in. It shows I've been doing the right things and the hard work has paid off. There have been plenty of days I've gone out there and questioned, 'Is it worth it?' when I'd go out there and couldn't hit a punt. But to push through and finally get this recognition has been fantastic. I'm honoured and humbled, also."
Cody Webster, Purdue (senior)
"Would it be weird if I asked Johnny Manziel for a picture? I think I’m going to ask him....
One thing I heard was (I) had a lot of opportunities this year because of the team, but there’s good punters on good teams. You don’t have a good punter because you have a bad team. You have a good punter because the coaches that are around you and the players that you play with and stuff like that. It’s not necessarily what team you play for that determines whether you’re a good punter or not.”...
 The best way for me to go out is to win the Ray Guy award. As for now, it’s been really good. From my freshman year up to my senior year, I only went up in things. I never really started out on first team and went to the third team. I always increased and got better each year, and I think that’s really good. The scary thing — I don’t think I’ve peaked yet. I’m still getting better.”
Drew Kaser, Texas A&M (sophomore)
"It is such a huge honor to be a finalist for the award. There are many great punters in college this year, it's hard to really minimize it just to us three. But I have some great competition with Cody Webster and Tom Hornsey. Both guys have had great years so it will be interesting to see who will win the award."

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Mike Herman said...

Correction: Roberto Aguayo is not up for any defensive awards. Although we'd gladly vote for any kickers or punters if they do happen to get nominated for any offensive or defensive awards in the future.

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