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Monday, December 16, 2013

NFL Week 15: Jay Feely Wins It, Mike Nugent Punts It

In overtime, Arizona won 37-34 over Tennessee on a 41 yard field goal. Kicker Jay Feely said of the team afterward:
“We’re not the old Cardinals...

I think it just goes to the character we have. We don’t quit or get down on each other. You didn’t see the offense yelling at the special teams or the defense or anything. The guys in this locker room really like each other, and that come through in those moments when you have adversity.”
Not only did the Bengals lose 20-30 to Pittsburgh, they also lost their starting punter. Kevin Huber suffered a broken jaw while being hit on a punt return late in the first quarter. For the remainder of the game, kicker Mike Nugent took over the punting duties. He averaged 40.0 yards on a pair of punts.
“I just want to see how Kevin is doing. Seeing someone laying like that, face down, you never want to see that, whether it's your team or their team....

I hit a (fake) field goal punt in '06 or '07, but I haven't punted since high school. Our special teams coach keeps us in a good mindset in case things like that happen in a game. The case was that our punter was out, and I had to do what I could to give us decent field position and not make it tough on the defense.”

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