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Monday, December 16, 2013

NFL Week 15: Josh Scobee & Mason Crosby Go Long, Dan Bailey Goes for Quantity

In the third quarter of Jacksonville's 27-20 loss to Buffalo,  Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee hit a 55 yarder.
“The wind was left to right, not really with or against me. I was trying to drive it through the wind, but not as low as I hit it.”
In the first quarter of Green Bay's 37-36 win at Dallas, Packers kicker Mason Crosby hit a 57 yarder.
"I thought about it after I made the kick. I'm standing in the middle of the star on this field goal. That could be a cool one down the line, if I can find a cool shot. I was glad I could capitalize there early in the game."
Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey was busy on the day, kicking five field goals (47, 23, 43, 50 & 50 yards). He was hoping for a late shot at a sixth one.
“Obviously today points were a premium. It’s just too bad we didn’t have more than they did at the end of the game....

There’s a minute and a half left and we had a chance to win the game, so we’ve been in those situations before. I had all the confidence in the world that we were going to go down and put the final points on the board. Sometimes it doesn’t work out your way.”

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