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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013: The Year in Kicking, part 1

What was the biggest kicking/punting/snapping moment of 2013? 

When we posed that question tp specialists we received some diverse answers - although two kickers and one punter from the NFL were mentioned several times each:
  • "One of the biggest moments in kicking was when Matt Prater hit a new NFL record 64 yard field goal.  I believe this because it shows how kicking can and will change the game in the upcoming years.  Kickers are becoming stronger and more accurate.  The field position game is going to be even more important when 60 yard field goals are a normality in the NFL." - Jeff Schebler, inaugural Fred Mitchell Award winner
  • "Justin Tucker 61 yard field goal, 6-6 keeps the Ravens playoff hopes alive, a huge thank you from Aaron Rodgers and fantasy owners everywhere and just the most confident biggest kick of the year." - Adam Tanalski, Hammer Kicking Academy
  • "Johnny Hekker setting NFL net record" - Mike McCabe, One on One Kicking
  • "Easily has to be Prater breaking the record. Four guys tied at 63 for how long and he smashes a 64? Unforgettable." - Nick Sundberg, Washington Redskins long snapper
  • "Definitely the Colts' Pat McAfee's big KO hit. Gave kickers some respect they don't normally get." - Lee McDonald, Special Teams Solutions 
  • "The biggest moment this year for me were many as I worked with our kicker, Rene Paredes, as he set a professional football record with 47 consecutive field goals. In terms of isolated moments in kicks? Matt Prater's 64 yarder in the cold sticks out, as does Justin Tucker hitting from 61 to win the game, cap off a 6/6 night while hitting his 33rd in a row." - Rob Maver, Calgary Stampeders punter
  • "Jordan Berry's Punt Pass at EKU, where he punted the ball to a receiver who had stayed behind the LOS, caught it and then advanced for the first down.I thought it was bold and good on them for trying it.  When it works, everyone is a hero." - Nathan Chapman, ProKick Australia
  • "Matt Prater breaking the field-goal record with a 64 yard kick" - Chris Husby, Special Teams Football Academy
  • "Justin Tucker miss-hitting a 61-yard field goal, and making it, to win a game. It re-defined what it means to be in the zone." - Filip Filipovic, The Kicking Coach
  • "Prater setting the NFL record and Tucker's six field goals including 60+ yard game winner" - Carlos Ojeda, Lakeland Raiders kicker
  • "Johnny Hekker breaking the the all time NFL record for net punting average in a season" - Dan Lundy, One on One Kicking
  • "Easily the biggest moments for Specialists at the highest level was Matt Prater breaking the NFL record with a 64 yard field goal (which I think will be broken next year), as well as Johnny Hekker breaking the NFL record for a season with a net punting average of 44.2 yards." - Brian Jackson, Team Jackson Kicking

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