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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Athlon Sports 2014 Preseason All-American Kickers & Punters

Athlon Sports announced their 2014 Preseason All-American teams. Following are the highlights (i.e. the kickers and the punters). 

First team
  • Kicker: Roberto Aguayo, FSU
  • Punter: Mike Sadler, Michigan State
Second team
  • Kicker: Marshall Morgan, Georgia
  • Punter: Drew Kaser, Texas A&M
Third team
  • Kicker: Marvin Kloss, USF
  • Punter: Cameron Johnston, Ohio State
Fourth team
  • Kicker: Andy Phillips, Utah
  • Punter: A.J. Hughes, Virginia Tech

Friday, June 13, 2014

Florida Atlantic Owls Kicker, Punter & Snapper News

June 12, 2014 - punter Sean Kelly departs
"FAU confirmed to the South Florida Sun Sentinel‘s Dieter Kurtenbach that Sean Kelly has decided to leave the FAU football program.  Other than “personal,” no reasons for the departure were given. Kelly’s 42.7 yards per punt ranked third in Conference USA and tied for 36th nationally.  He was the everyday punter his first season with the Owls, averaging 39.9 ypp. Following the 2013 season, he selected second-team All-Conference by the head coaches in the league." - NBC

May 24, 2014 - spring specialists
"Freshman Landon Scheer, a scholarship recruit, will replace Mitch Anderson at kicker. It's unclear whether FAU will also use Scheer as the kickoff specialist; another option would be junior punter Sean Kelly, who had a solid 2013 season." - USA Today

February 5, 2014 - kicker Landon Scheer signs
"Charlie Partridge, whose history of being a strong recruiter in South Florida was one of the reasons he was hired, also expressed excitement about highly regarded kicker Landon Scheer, who was rated the No. 1 kicker in the country by Scheer competed in four sports at Orlando’s The First Academy, adding track, soccer and weightlifting to his football participation. 'When we got here,' Partridge said, 'we realized we needed a kicker, so we started to call every known kicking specialist from around the country, and his name kept coming to the top. As we evaluated the top four or five kickers available he was the one we put our focus on and we got our No. 1 target'.” - Palm Beach Post

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The 2014 World Cup According to Kickers

We checked in with kicker, punters and coaches from American football to see who they're rooting for and/or who they think will win this year's World Cup in Brazil.

"I tend to support a few teams, which are the countries I spent time living and studying in.  England, Mexico, Spain and Brazil. But my main two teams are USA and Brazil.   My pick for the championship game are Brazil vs Spain, with Brazil winning on home ground.  They are suppose to have a strong young team.  Hopefully the pressure doesn't get to them." -  Chris Husby, Special Teams Football Academy 

"I'm rooting for USA, but they are in a very tough group with Ghana, Germany and Portugal.  If they can beat Ghana and at least tie the next two games, then they have a good chance to advance. As for winning the whole thing, I think Brazil will win the World Cup on their home turf." - Michael Husted, National Camp Series / Husted Kicking

"England" - Eric Fritz, Real Kickers

"Croatia! " - John Matich, The Kicking System

"Rooting for US but Brazil wins with home field advantage." - Lee McDonald, Special Teams Solutions

"European teams have historically played poorly in South America. That being said, Brazil is a favorite, but over rated.  I'm torn between the other 3 countries (Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay).  I'm taking the South American 'little brother', Uruguay." - Ryan Donahue, Kick Ball Far Academy 

"I am pleased with the camaraderie the US Men's National team has built in their friendly matches leading up to the World Cup. It was exciting to see their quick counters against Nigeria. Of course I would love for USA to win the world cup, but there are a couple big boys ahead of them. I feel they will make it to the quarters, but I will have to go with Argentina taking the cup. Very quick, skillful and hard to beat." - Brian Jackson, Team Jackson Kicking

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lindy's 2014 Preseason All-Division III Kickers & Punters

Lindy's announced their 2014 Preseason All-Division III teams. Following are the highlights (i.e. the kickers and the punters). 

First team
  • Kicker: Andrew Franks, RPI
  • Punter: Kyle Hamby, Salisbury
Second team
  • Kicker: Chandler DeHaven, Bridgewater (VA)
  • Punter: Nate Ray, Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Phil Steele 2014 Preseason All-American Kickers, Punters & Snappers

Phil Steele announced his 2014 Preseason All-American team. Following are the highlights (i.e. the kickers, punters and long snappers). 

First team
  • Kicker: Roberto Aguayo, Florida State
  • Punter: Drew Kaser, Texas A&M
  • Long snapper: Scott Thompson, NC State
Second team
  • Kicker: Jeremiah Detmer, Toledo
  • Punter: Tom Hackett, Utah
  • Long snapper: Reid Ferguson, LSU
Third team
  • Kicker: Andy Phillips, Utah
  • Punter: Tommy Hibbard, North Carolina
  • Long snapper: Matt Dooley, Indiana
 Fourth team
  • Kicker: Michael Hunnicutt, Oklahoma
  • Punter: Austin Rehkow, Idaho
  • Long snapper: Logan Feimster, Wake Forest

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sporting News 2014 Preseason All-American Kickers & Punters

Sporting News announced their 2014 Preseason All-American teams. Following are the highlights (i.e. the kickers and the punters). 

First team
  • Kicker: Roberto Aguayo, FSU
  • Punter: Austin Rehkow, Idaho
Second team
  • Kicker: Mike Hunnicutt, Oklahoma
  • Punter: Justin Manton, Louisiana-Monroe
Third team
  • Kicker: Jeremiah Detmer, Toledo
  • Punter: Spencer Roth, Baylor

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Q&A with Harvard freshman punter Zach Schmid

We recently checked in with Harvard freshman punter Zach Schmid. Before we get to the questions and answers, here's a quick look at his bio from the Crimson website:
Three-year letterwinner at Francis Parker … Two-time Coastal Conference Kicker of the Year …. Top 10 ranked punter in the National Camp Series … Selected for 2013-14 U.S. Army All-American team … News Tribune’s “Western 100: Top High School Recruits for 2014” … San Diego All-Academic Team selection … Five-time California finalist … Five-time San Diego winner of National History Day in the documentary category … AP Scholar with Distinction … Member of National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation … Volunteered building homes in Tijuana.
What is your earliest recollection of kicking a ball (any kind of ball, not necessarily a football)?
"I have played soccer from a very young age. My dad was a collegiate player so naturally I tried to follow in his footsteps."

How did you make the transition to football punting & kicking?
"I played competitive soccer during my elementary school and middle school years.  Then, between 7th and 8th grade, my high school's head coach recommended I start kicking with the kicking coach that worked with the then varsity punter (who went on to become one of the most recruited punters in the country, eventually accepting a full-ride to Stanford). Now, 5 years later, here I am."

Looking back over your high school career, what was your most memorable moment?
"The conference championship game my senior year I was voted by MaxPreps as the Player of the Game, a rarity for a punter/kicker. It was one of those days when I was 'on'. Any one of my 4 punts easily could have been the highlight of the game since all of them except a pooch punt, were over 4.7 seconds and 50 yards. It also helped that I was playing against my kicking coach, Michael Husted, who was the special teams coordinator of the team we were playing."

Is there one thing you learned during the recruiting process that you wish you had known beforehand?
"First, kickers and punters are the last positions recruited.  Second, kickers and punters have to become very good at marketing themselves to coaches AND at mastering their craft. During the spring of my junior year, I used to get up at 5 am to call the coaches on the east coast before I went to school.  Then in the afternoon, I would workout and kick. This is what a recruitable kicker and punter must do to get to the next level.  No one else can do the work for you, although a number of people can support you in the process. Also, join a yoga class. Flexibility and durability will determine the limitations for most punters and kickers and yoga can improve both significantly."

How was the experience of playing in the US Army All American Bowl?
"It was both surreal and awesome (in the literal sense of the word) to be surrounded by so much talent, but it also felt like the culmination of the hard work and sacrifices put in over the course of many years. Perhaps the best part of the game was the people involved with the game including the other players as well as the men and women in uniform. I talked with several Special Forces soldiers who told me about their experiences in the war on terror which was humbling to say the least; it gave me a lot of perspective on my relatively comfortable and easy life. However, what really hit me was when these same soldiers told me of their admiration for me and the other All-Americans. I thought this was beyond crazy considering how much I looked up to them and more importantly, how much more they do for this country."

Which is harder, placekicking or punting?
"Punting is most definitely harder because it is a skill that does not transition nearly as much from soccer nor any other popular sports. Furthermore, it requires the synchronization of the hands, feet, and mind: three variables that inevitably are dependent on a multitude of conditions. Placekicking, on the other hand, requires the kicking of a ball in a fixed place (although I will admit, they tend to have to deal with much higher pressure situations.)"