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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The 2014 World Cup According to Kickers

We checked in with kicker, punters and coaches from American football to see who they're rooting for and/or who they think will win this year's World Cup in Brazil.

"I tend to support a few teams, which are the countries I spent time living and studying in.  England, Mexico, Spain and Brazil. But my main two teams are USA and Brazil.   My pick for the championship game are Brazil vs Spain, with Brazil winning on home ground.  They are suppose to have a strong young team.  Hopefully the pressure doesn't get to them." -  Chris Husby, Special Teams Football Academy 

"I'm rooting for USA, but they are in a very tough group with Ghana, Germany and Portugal.  If they can beat Ghana and at least tie the next two games, then they have a good chance to advance. As for winning the whole thing, I think Brazil will win the World Cup on their home turf." - Michael Husted, National Camp Series / Husted Kicking

"England" - Eric Fritz, Real Kickers

"Croatia! " - John Matich, The Kicking System

"Rooting for US but Brazil wins with home field advantage." - Lee McDonald, Special Teams Solutions

"European teams have historically played poorly in South America. That being said, Brazil is a favorite, but over rated.  I'm torn between the other 3 countries (Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay).  I'm taking the South American 'little brother', Uruguay." - Ryan Donahue, Kick Ball Far Academy 

"I am pleased with the camaraderie the US Men's National team has built in their friendly matches leading up to the World Cup. It was exciting to see their quick counters against Nigeria. Of course I would love for USA to win the world cup, but there are a couple big boys ahead of them. I feel they will make it to the quarters, but I will have to go with Argentina taking the cup. Very quick, skillful and hard to beat." - Brian Jackson, Team Jackson Kicking

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