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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lycoming Warriors Kicker, Punter & Snapper News

October 24, 2014 - punter Ryan Umpleby
"The slight chuckle from Ryan Umpleby was understandable. The idea of the Lycoming wide receiver acting as the team's punter is still new, and still maybe even a little unbelievable. It's a new role for the junior. He has a past with punt teams, but it was primarily as a punt returner. He even was his team's long-snapper in high school in Fallston, Maryland. But actually punting? This is something totally new. And worth a chuckle. 'We needed a punter to catch the ball and get it off because we were struggling with it,' Umpleby said earlier this week. 'Coach (Doug) Thiel asked me to punt, and I just did. I've always played around with punting, but never anything serious.' He gave Lycoming more than it possibly could have hoped as a punter in its loss to Delaware Valley two weeks ago. On three kicks, Umpleby averaged 37 yards per kick with a long of 44 yards. It was better than any punting game the Warriors had all season. They had struggled with blocked kicks, dropped punt snaps and short kicks. The job done by Umpleby against the Aggies was the kind of production the team had been looking for since the graduation of Zack Czap, a four-time all-MAC punter, during the spring." - Sun Gazette

October 2, 2014 - punting struggles
"For a team which hasn't had a punting concern in four years because of four-year all-MAC punter Zack Czap, this season has been a stark contrast. Clark can deal with a low average in punting distance, especially since the defense has played so well. And the Warriors' 30-yard-per-punt average is the worst in the MAC. But the Warriors had two punts in a win over King's which traveled a combined distance of 9 yards. They had a punt snap go over punter Joe Bernardini's head in the season-opener which led to a 35-yard loss. And in Saturday's win, Bernardini bobbled a snap which led to Wilkes' lone touchdown of the first half. Bernardini, a freshman from New York, has a 29.8 yards per punt average on 11 punts so far. And he had a very good game against Albright in Week 2, averaging 38 yards on three attempts. It's that kind of performance which Clark would gladly take. But it's that kind of performance the Warriors haven't been consistently getting, and it's put them in a hole at some point or another." - Sun Gazette

September 12, 2014 - kicker Devon Flynn
Flynn was stepping into a tough situation when he came to Lycoming. He's the youngest kicker on the roster – senior Zach Fannin is the other kicker. And he and Fannin are tasked with the challenge of replacing all-MAC kicker Zack Czap. But it's not just that Czap was an all-conference kicker which is tough to replace. It's that his consistency on the football field for four years as a punter and three as a placekicker which made the kicking game an aspect coach Mike Clark very rarely had to worry about. By the time Czap's senior season ended last November, Clark had to worry. Fannin had experience in kicking off for the Warriors, and he did make a field goal late last season, but Clark knew he needed some young legs in the program to provide some competition and to provide some depth. Enter Flynn, a right-footed kicker who was told when he was recruited there would be a chance for him to compete to help the Warriors' kicking game in some capacity should he come to the Williamsport campus. 'From a kicking standpoint, in recruiting, I don't promise many people anything,' Clark said earlier this week. 'But I was able to indicate, from a place-kicking standpoint, that there was going to be a young kid playing for us in some capacity'." - Sun Gazette

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