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Friday, September 26, 2014

Punters Answer the Big Question: Hawthorn or Sydney?

The Australian Rules football season comes to its grand conclusion this weekend with the AFL Grand Final, where the Hawthorn Hawks will face the Sydney Swans. 

We checked in with a few Aussies, most of whom have become associated with American football punting, to get their thoughts on the big game.

Ben Graham (from Leopold, Victoria, Australia)
former NFL punter; also a former Geelong Cat
"Sydney by 20 points. 
Too big - Franklin, Tippett, Goodes, Reid, Pyke
Too strong - Kennedy, Hannebury, Jack, McGlynn
Too quick - Jetta, Rohan, Parker, Malceski
Too smart - Longmire, Recruiters"
Jamie Keehn (from Gracemere, Queensland, Australia)
punter for Louisiana State University
"I'm going to say Sydney, they are dominating at this time of year. Simply Buddy Franklin, dude is a monster. He will kick 6 and win the Norm Smith."
Will Gleeson (from Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Ole Miss
"Sydney by 19 - it's hard to look past the swans after their preliminary final win. Their midfield depth is too strong and I think Buddy will pull out something spectacular against his old team."
Tim Gleeson (from Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Rutgers University
"Hawthorn by 15 - they always play the 'G' well. Sydney play better on the smaller grounds due to their harder bodies but I feel that the Hawks' foot skills will prevail. Tommy Hackett won't agree, but I believe that the Hawks will be too strong on the day, with Gibson shutting down the always dangerous Buddy Franklin."
Tom Hackett (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for University of Utah
"Sydney, because I was born in Sydney and am a Swannies fan. Buddy for Norm."
Josh Bartel (from Kiewa, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Saskatchewan Roughriders
"Sydney by 14pts, Sydney's forward line is very dangerous 'n' their tackling around the ground 'n' pressure is the best in the competition. Dan Hannebery for best on ground."
Daniel Cadona (from Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia)
punter for  University of Louisiana at Lafayette
"Hawthorn: It will be a close game, probably high scoring and could go any way, but my heart says the Hawks by 9 points."
Dave Lonie (from Palm Beach Australia)
former punter for University of California, camped with Washington & Green Bay in NFL
"I think Sydney will take out the GF this year, they have won 18 of their last 20 and are on a roll so will be hard to stop with the cattle they have on deck. They have 4 players who were just named to the All Australian team and have been able to gel well throughout the back end of the season. I think it will be a tight game and anything can happen but i have to give the edge to the Swans."
Darcy Williamson (from Victoria, Australia)
punter for Jackson State University
"I'm going for Sydney. They have a better team all round. Hawthorn do have a strong, matured midfield but I think with Sydney's forward line there is no stopping them."
Nick Porebski (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Snow College
"I think Sydney will be to strong with Franklin and Tippet in the forward line. Sydney by 5 points."
Daniel Pasquariello (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Penn State University
"Given that I went to high school at Xavier College in Melbourne Australia, I will be supporting Sydney as they have numerous Old Xavierans on their roster such as Dan Hanneberry, Josh Kennedy, Ted Richards and Alex Johnson. Go Swans!"
Keith Wrzuszczak (from Geelong, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Eastern Kentucky University
"I think Sydney for the win, because for one I don't like Hawthorn and Sydney's one of my favourite teams, but two I also just think they're in better form at the moment, and they seem to be the healthier team. I have Sydney by 17."
Nick Jacobs (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for University of Memphis
"Hawthorn will win the grand final, they are simply too good at the MCG."
Dean Kelly (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Stillman College
"Sydney, too classy coming off the easier win. Hawks struggled last week and have a few injuries. Swannies by 5 goals."
Stephen Witkowski (from Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia)
punter for New Mexico State University
"I would say Hawthorn... Because they're a Victorian based team."
Lenny Holderhead (from Leongatha, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Tennessee State University
"I think it's going to be one of the best grand finals because of all the stars and the discipline of both teams. I believe the game will come down to the last minute and I'm tipping the Hawks by 4 points. For the sake of a great game I hope all the big forwards turn it on, but the difference could be which team has the most impact from their small forwards."
Christopher Tilbey (from Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia)
punter for City College of San Francisco
"I believe Sydney will win. Hawthorn and Sydney both have elite midfields and are champion teams, but the X factor is Buddy and Tippett up forward. Either one can carry the team, and need to kick straight. Roughead will have too big of a task at hand, and if Hawthorn's midfielders can't kick their usual amount of goals, that'll mean Sydney is on top everywhere around the ground. And Sydney (not too comfortably) will come through with the win."
Nathan Chapman (from Bendigo Australia)
former Green Bay Packers punter, now with Prokick Australia
"I've thought Hawks for months now because of the experience and strength of their performances over such a long time.  They score quickly. They are relentless. 
My tip 
Sydney.  By 23 points."
Bailey Kenter (from Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Layton Christian Academy
"Sydney. Buddy." 
Jy Bond (from Melbourne Australia)
punted for UFL's Hartford Colonials in 2010
"I think the bloods for me. The tall forwards will be to much for the Hawks backline."
Tim Hutchison (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter last with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
"This will be a cracking match, it won't surprise me if it's as close as 2012. But Franklin and Sydney should have too much in reserve for Hawthorn. Sydney by 14."
Christian Eldred (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for University of Minnesota
"Hawks for me, will always support the Victorian team, unless its Collingwood."
Blake O'Neill (from Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Weber State University
"Sydney for mine. Kennedy is electric although Buddy might take a bit to get going. Depth through the centre will make a good spectacle. Either way, let's hope it's a match to rival 2012's decider, planning on a close one."
Brad Craddock (from Adelaide, South Australia)
kicker for University of Maryland
"My tip is Sydney. Up forward to strong with the likes of Tippett, Goodes and Franklin. Their midfield is stronger also. Only way Hawthorn gets close is winning the midfield battle and center clearance. Sydney easy. Franklin for the Norm Smith win 6 goals and his normal 4 behinds."

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