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Friday, October 3, 2014

High School Long Kicks - Colorado

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Colorado.
  • 67 Kip Smith, Legacy HS in 29-7 win over on Mountain range HS 9/4/09 (Free kick after fair catch on punt) 
"But what fans will remember most is Kip Smith and an oddball field goal attempt that will live for prosperity. Calling a fair catch in the waning seconds of the first half, Legacy`s University of Minnesota-bound booter was given the opportunity for a free kick. Even though his attempt was from 67 yards out Smith didn`t flinch. With a few yards to spare, the senior broke the nine-year record for longest field goal -- held by Eaglecreast`s Dustin Griffiths -- by three yards. 'I actually thought it was a 62-yarder,' Smith said. 'I thought it was a chip shot, because I can hit 62.' The kicker was pleased with his effort, but said he would like to try it again with a holder and a 1-inch field-goal tee. 'I think with a little wind I can make it,' he said." - Broomfield Enterprise
  • 64 Dustin Griffiths, Eaglecrest HS in 9-7 win over Fairview on 9/21/01
  • 62 Dustin Bolt, Alamosa (vs. Woodland Park) 2006
  • 62 Mitchell Carter, Discovery Canyon (v L-P) 10/4/14 
  • 61 Brandon Brookfield, Littleton HS vs. A.Hinkley HS on 11/4/89 
  • 61 Kurt Baal, Lutheran HS vs Machebeuf HS in 1980 
  • 59 JK Scott, Mullen (vs. Chatfield) 10/18/12 
  • 59 Field Phelps, Colorado Springs 1923 
  • 58 Scott Bentley, Overland (vs. Fairview) 10/18/91 
  • 58 JK Scott, Mullen (vs. Lone Peak, UT) 9/7/13
  • 57 Scott Bentley, Overland (vs. Boulder) 10/5/91
  • 57 Alex Chaffetz, Middle Park 1987 
  • 57 Jeff Guy, Gateway (vs. G. Washington) 1978
  • 57 Jeff Blackmon, Rye (vs. Del Norte) 10/5/91 
  • 57 Kevin Eberhart, Broomfield (vs. Monarch) 10/12/02 
  • 57 Kyle Petry, D'Evelyn 2008
  • 57 Bertillio Garcia, Basalt (vs. Olathe) 9/23/12 
  • 57 Alex Kinney, Rocky Mountain (vs. Brighton) 8/29/14

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