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Friday, October 10, 2014

High School Long Kicks - Indiana

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Indiana.
  • 61 Jerry Spicer, Hobart High School v Valparaiso HS, 1975 
"He kicked what was believed to be a national high school record 61-yard field goal in a game at Valparaiso. It was the longest in Indiana high school history and it still stands as it was tied by Seymour's Bryan Robertson in 1999. What brought additional acclaim was an appearance in the Dec. 1, 1975 Sports Illustrated 'Faces in the Crowd.' 'Hey, records are made to be broken and I figured someone would eventually break it,' Spicer said. 'That was cool being in Sports Illustrated, and back then I think the longest ever was Tom Dempsey, the Saints kicker. He kicked a 63-yarder (against Detroit in 1970). So it was an accomplishment.' Spicer said a lot of elements made the long kick possible. 'I got the credit, but what about my linemen, the snapper, the holder and the team which put us in that position?' Spicer said. 'For me to make that kick, everyone had to do their job. Football is a team game, and that was what we were taught at Hobart.' It was a windy night with a playoff berth on the line. Back then, only eight teams per class made the postseason, with just three classes." - NWI Times
  • 61 Bryan Robertson, Seymour HS v Franklin County, 10/29/1999 

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