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Friday, November 14, 2014

High School Long Kicks - Louisiana

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Louisiana.
  • 62 John Corbello, St. Thomas More in jamboree game vs. Acadians High, 1998
"My senior year of high school football was the Fall of '98. It was the first game of the season and I had already committed to LSU. Right before half-time I went out to kick a 47 yard field goal but we were given a 15 yard penalty after our 3rd down play. I started heading to the sideline knowing it was a 60+ yard field goal. There was a few seconds left on the clock so the coaches told me to stay out. I told my line to block as long as they could. It was a perfect snap, hold, and kick. It felt great off my foot but the heavy Louisiana August air created a blanket that started to affect the kick. The ball dropped and bounced on the crossbar. It bounced off of the crossbar and through. We won 3-0. I can picture the entire play to this day....

I am a contractor and regularly in meetings with large groups of people. Every now and then someone asks me, 'Are you the kicker' to which I say yes and that leads to more stories and conversations about my 62 yard kick and LSU career. I have actually been in a kicking contest on a job site using a scissor lift as a goal post to prove to some of my coworkers that I still have it."
  • 59 Lucas Murphy of St. Thomas More in Lafayette vs. Notre Dame, 2000
  • 59 Keith Andrews, Ouachita Christian vs. Faith Christian, Sept. 28, 2001
"Before the kick I was playing QB. I over threw two wide open hook routes to the same person on two consecutive plays, so I was a little angry which probably took my mind off the actual kick, which if I remember correctly, seemed routine. I didn't realize that 59 was the actual record till after the game. It ended up being more of a recruiting tool than anything else. For me I was a little disappointed, because it was sometime around that same game halfway through the season that I missed a 66 yarder wide right.

Believe it or not, it still comes up in interviews after I got my MD. People want to know your longest kick, period. You could be 100% accurate and your longest kick 40 yards and no one cares." 
  • 57 John Corbello, St. Thomas More, 1997
  • 57 John Corbello, St. Thomas More, 1998
  • 57 Matt Hebert, Opelousas Catholic during 28-10 loss to Holy Savior Menard, October 19, 2007
  • 56 John Shaughnessy, Byrd in 13-0 win over Airline, November 14, 2008 (Class 5A state playoffs)
  • 54 Justin Manton, St. Amant HS vs Bonnabel, September 24, 2009

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