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Thursday, October 16, 2014

High School Long Kicks - South Carolina

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with South Carolina.
  • 64 Richard Jackson, Riverside HS in 20-16 win over Union, 10/14/2005 
"It isn't often that Chris "Boomer" Berman says the name of a high school football player on ESPN and that's one reason it was surprising to Richard Jackson. The other reason -- it was Jackson's name that the legendary sportscaster was calling during his weekly Top 10 spot on the cable channel's signature show, SportsCenter. Jackson, a senior from Riverside High School, missed his name the first time Berman uttered it. Friends and family wouldn't let him miss the second opportunity, as they called him to make sure he viewed the program. 'It was wild,' Jackson said of his national kicking debut. 'Unbelievable.' The kicker boomed a 64-yard field goal in a game against Union that broke the state record and placed Jackson, a Clemson commitment, in the national record book tied for the fourth-longest kick in history. 'I still don't know how they got a hold of the tape,' Jackson said. However that happened, it spotlighted Jackson for the entire world to see. In warm-ups, Jackson had hit from 65 yards twice and had previously made a field goal from 71 yards. Riverside coach Don Frost said there were no doubts in letting Jackson try the long field goal on that night. 'I didn't doubt that I could kick it,' Jackson said. 'I'm a big believer that if you doubt (a kick) you will miss it'. 'He was really kicking the ball well,' Frost said. 'Honestly, I don't know if Union thought he was going to kick it'." - Go Upstate
  • 63 Daniel Jordan, Middleton HS, 1995
  • 61 Marty Simpson, Spring Valley HS (Columbia) vs. Hillcrest HS (Dazel), 1989 
  • 60 Chris MacInnis, North Augusta HS, 1989
  • 58 Christopher Tommie, Emerald HS in 10-27 loss to Abbeyville HS, 9/16/2004, at Dennis Botts Field at Hite Stadium
  • 57 Mark Fowble, Richland Northeast, 1986
  • 57 Marty Simpson, Spring Valley, 1989 
  • 57  Brett Norton, Walhalla in 16-13 win over Liberty, 9/12/2014

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