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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

High School Long Kicks - Idaho

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Idaho.
  • 57 Cade Coffey, Lakeland during 34-23 loss to the Skyview, 11/8/2013
"Coffey attempted and made a 57-yard field goal right before the half of Lakeland's 34-23 loss to the Skyview Hawks in a state 4A playoff game at Corbit Field in Rathdrum. 'Cade has the leg to do those sorts of things,' Lakeland coach Tim Kiefer said. 'We've seen it at practice, but we hadn't given him an opportunity to do that in a game.' The state record, 47 yards, was set by Ryan Bloxham of Burley High in 1990. Unfortunately for Coffey, records can only be set in state title games. With the cold weather and slick field from rain during the week in the Rathdrum area, it still seemed like a risky move to me. 'I'm glad we gave him the chance to do that,' Kiefer said. 'He stepped up and hit it.' Coffey is also the goalie on the school's soccer team which finished third in the recent state 4A tournament at Brothers Park in Caldwell. Kiefer added that he didn't see the ball go between the uprights. 'The team was supposed to go down and cover the kick,' Kiefer said. 'They were all standing around watching the ball and I didn't see it go through because I was yelling at them to cover the kick. I almost had an aneurysm just trying to get them down there. But it was shocking for sure'." - CDA Press
State Title Game records
  • 47 Ryan Bloxham of Burley High School in 1990 (playoffs) (4A)
  • 45 Kyle Jackman, Highland 2001 (5A)
  • 40 Martin Fexby, Jerome 1985 (3A)
  • 40 Justin Gaston, Salmon River, 1999 (1A 8-man)
  • 35 Tom Simmons, Firth 1988 (2A)

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