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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

High School Long Kicks - Montana

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Montana.
  • 63 Travis Dorsch, Bozeman vs. Salmon, ID, 10/4/1997 
What were his thoughts before/during and after the kick?
"Before: I was trying to figure out how we were going to get the first down. I was a wife receiver and I figured the ball would be coming my way. When coach Walker sent us on the field, I was trying to count the yards, gave up, and then just committed to kicking it as far as humanly possible.
During: nothing. No time to think. Just react and be an athlete.
After: I was actually stunned how long the ball hung in the air and that it made it to, and over, the crossbar. When it sank in, there was a lot of pride and excitement for me, my coaches, my teammates, and my family and friends."

What is the most unusual time that topic has come up since then?
"People always ask what my longest FG was, probably expecting that it came at Purdue or in the NFL. When I tell them it happened in HS, and that it is a dual state record (MT and ID), they are stunned. It always makes for a good retelling ... And let me tell you, the drizzle that was hanging in the air that night has turned into a rainstorm over the years."
  • 55 Clinton Doyle, Park County, 1974
"Most of his attempts were over 40 yards,' coach Frank Schoonover said, repeating Park's basic philosophy of using Doyle's long-ranging placements in lieu of punts. 'If we got in close, it seemed like we either scored (a touchdown) or were trailing and it wasn't going to help us get three points." He said Doyle, a transfer this season from Wyoming's Sheridan High School, was a kicking 'specialist despite his size.  'That's basically what he wanted to do. Our problem was that we didn't have the size of staff to work with him,' Schoonover said. Park has Schoonover and one assistant to guide its football program. The coach said he used to release a center and the placement holder during the final classroom period each day to work with Doyle. He said Doyle's regular center and holder both were injured in the Lewistown game, fourth of the season, and that Doyle's kicking may have been hampered by work with a new unit. 'He's got good range. He can kick off and almost put it through the uprights,' he said, noting that Doyle's 55-yard boot traveled five to seven yards beyond the crossbar." - Montana Standard
  • 54 Travis Dorsch, Bozeman, 1997
  • 53 Geoff Groshelle, Billings West, 1992
  • 53 Dan Carpenter, Helena High, 10/18/2003
  • 52 Travis Dorsch, Bozeman in 24-14 win over Butte, 9/27/1996
  • 52 Mike Moore, Cascade vs Simms, 1979
  • 52 Christian Parr, Forsyth vs Lame Deer, 2011
  • 52 Patrick Valentine, Libby vs Columbia Falls, 2013
  • 51 Vidar Hvidevold, Lincoln Co. (Eureka)
  • 51 Tyson Niewoehner, Colstrip
  • 51 Josh Roberts, Malta, 2001
  • 51 Tyler Bolton, Great Falls, 2003
  • 51 Nolan Lopez, Billings Central in 26-19 loss to Sidney, 2004
  • 50 Matt Berg, Butte vs Big Sky, 2010

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