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Thursday, November 6, 2014

High School Long Kicks - Vermont

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Vermont.
  • 57 Robert Kelly, BFA-St. Albans, 9/5/2014
"No one seems to know fort sure what the old Vermont high school field goal record was but after Friday night BFA-St. Albans head coach Geoff Murray says he knows what the new record is.'Yea, It's 57-yards." said Murray at practice this week.' Vermont kicking records are anecdotal at best but Bobwhite kicker Robert Kelly's 57-yard boot can probably go down at the top of the list. 'To be honest, I didn't know it was a 57-yard field goal until after the game.' said Kelly, a Bobwhite senior. 'So, I don't know if that changes the pressure or not. Probably not because I think we're pretty confident when we go up to the ball.'  'I have all the faith in the world in Robert and his abilities to kick the ball.' said senior holder Anthony Clark. 'So, I don't really think about how far it is. I just think about what I have to do in getting that ball down.' Kelly, ever the leader, immediately gives credit to his teammates. 'I do give a lot of credit to my teammates because if you don't have a line that's going to be able to block for you and give you protection, then you have no confidence going up to the ball.' Kelly explained. 'If I don't have confidence in Joel [Parady] snapping the ball then I don't have confidence going up to the ball. If I don't have confidence in Anthony putting the ball down perfectly everytime then I don't have confidence going up to the ball. So, I think it takes a lot of repetition for us to be like how we are right now'." - My Champlain Valley
  • 52 Robert Kelly, BFA-St. Albans, 2013
  • 50 Evan Hicks, Mount Mansfield vs. Colchester, October 2004
"Ironically, Rutland kicking guru Steve Wolf worked with Hicks on Sunday, two days after the Mount Mansfield senior made his long field goal. They had been trying to get together for four weeks but circumstances kept interfering. Wolf and Hicks met in Middlebury. 'Now is not the time to change; not when a guy is kicking a 50-yard field goal,' Wolf said. 'We mainly just talked about his future and a game plan for some things to work on after the season.' Wolf said Hicks will pursue kicking in either prep school or college next season. His progress has been remarkable since the first-year varsity program does not have a home game field, or any uprights for Hicks to use in practice. 'I'm very proud of him,' coach Eames said. 'He's worked very hard and I think he has the potential to succeed at the next level'." - Rutland Herald
  • 49 Jason Murphy, Mount Anthony vs. Springfield, 1999
  • 49 Greg Battaglia, Essex, 2003
  • 47 Carl Christiansen, Essex, 1973

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At the bottom of your article it was not Greg Battaglia but Gavin Battaglia who kicked a 49 yd field goal in 2003

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