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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The D3 Kicking Shoes, part 1

Our annual Q&A series with college specialists continues with Division III kickers and punters. We asked seniors in D3 the following question:
"Could you tell us a little about your kicking shoes."
Following is the first third of the responses.

Spencer Hotaling, Susquehanna
"First off I've worn Nike Tiempos for four years and loved them but recently, at the end of my last season they ripped and I was forced to get new cleats so I went with the new Mercurial Vapors CR7 cleats. I'm not a huge fan of the whole synthetic material for kicking or soccer, I've always been a fan of the kangaroo leather, but I wore the new cleats down in Orlando for the first senior showcase of the offseason and they were great. Super light, seem durable, all climate conditions, and form to your foot well!"

Beau Brady, Millsaps College
"The shoes that I found most effective were synthetic cleats about an entire size smaller than my regular shoes. I preferred Nike Vapors. The last trick was to file down the front spikes about halfway on your kicking cleat."

Alana Gaither, Otterbein
"Coming from a soccer background, I've always used soccer cleats for kicking. I'm a loyal Nike girl and love the Nike Mercurial."

Hunter Breunig, Concordia-Wisconsin
"Nike Magista... Nice and tight, a size too small, and black in color."

David Kurey, Bates College
"Well my cleats are my moneymakers, so I treat them as such. Before every game I sing lullabies to them and massage them with baby oil."

Sam Crizer, Occidental College
"I used an old pair of Adidas for the first half of the season, when my punt average was above 40. When I tore a hole in those I wore someone's old pair of low top Nike football cleats and my punt average slowly declined."

Tyler Brandenburg, Texas Lutheran
"I wore yellow Nike Hypervenoms because that's what coach ordered for me and because they were light weight. I personally didn't use different shoes for my plant foot because I feel like the cleat I used was good enough to catch the surface of the turf and grass fields I played on. My coach had put the skulls and crossbones logo on the cleats and I feel like that helped me chase down a kick returner to prevent a touchdown on our first game. I could wear any cleat just as long as it is light weight. I picked the Hypervenoms because I thought they looked the best and the yellow really helped me stick out as the kicker because I wanted to be the best looking one on the team. "

Mason Studer, Christoper Newport
"My kicking shoes are a part of me. I love my kicking shoes. They have to be tight to my foot but comfortable. I pretend that my cleat is my foot if that makes sense. I usually tie my cleats 3 to 4 times before a game getting all of the kinks out of my socks and making sure it is perfectly fitted to my foot. When I choose what cleats I want I look at the laces and the studs on the cleats, those are the two most important things, the looks come later. When I put my cleats on I know it is time to work. Whether or not I am going to practice or before a game those are the last things I put on. Cleats are the most important thing to me, I have to feel comfortable in my own shoes in order to succeed on the field."

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