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Friday, January 16, 2015

The D3 Kicking Shoes, part 2

Our annual Q&A series with college specialists continues with Division III kickers and punters. We asked seniors in D3 the following question:
"Could you tell us a little about your kicking shoes."
Following is the second third of the responses.

Joel Lopshire, Trine
"For my kicking, I've always worn soccer cleats. In high school I wore real bright colored cleats that were made of the synthetics, but once to college my kicking coach suggested that I switch to real leather cleats. Making this switch was a great idea, helped with the feel on the ball as I made connection with it. Other than the leather cleats seemed to wear out faster than the synthetics."

Ezra Coughlin,  St. Olaf College
"My shoes are a comfortably tight fit. I usually warm up without tying them to allow them to loosen up a little bit. Once laced snuggly, the leather hugs my foot and provides an ideal striking surface. I feel like my leg becomes more powerful whenever I put on my kicking shoes."

Stephen Amic, Bethany College
"I love the Adidas F30 Lionel Messi editions."

Morgan Porter, St. Vincent College
"I wear Nike Tiempos."

Will Jeffcoat, LaGrange College
"I used to wear Pelfreys during high school. During my college career I wore Nike Vapor Soccer shoes. They got the job done and the kangaroo leather was a comfortable fit."

Zach Nedzbala, Emory & Henry College
"I wear two different cleats. Just a normal one on my left foot then I wear a cleat that's about a size and a half smaller on my kicking foot to make a more compact surface."

Matt Kussmann, Illinois Wesleyan
"I have spent the last two seasons kicking out of the Nike Vapor football cleats released in 2013. They had a nice tight fit to my foot as Nike shoes run narrow and my feet are very wide. They are a lighter weight shoe which I also liked. I used the same shoe for 2 seasons because I was comfortable in it and I didn't want to break in a new pair of cleats. I have tried some Adidas soccer cleats previously and didn't like them."

Nate Ray, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
"My kicking shoes are to me what a paint brush is to a painter or a camera for a photographer. They are the most important piece of equipment in my line of work. Personally, I wear Nike Tiempo soccer cleats which have kangaroo leather for better comfort as well as touch with the ball. They are also about a size smaller than my normal shoe size since the leather stretches and then forms to my feet. I can honestly say my kicking shoes are one of my most prized possessions, without them I would not be able to do what I love!"

Josh Green, Hanover College
"I use a shoe from Pele sports. I believe they are mainly sold in the UK for soccer, but if you look hard enough they're in the states. The Aussies will know an old brand of shoe called Nomis. I feel like these are exactly the same! One full piece of kangaroo leather for the upper part of the shoe. They are what I am looking for in a kicking shoe. The laces are out of the way for PATs/FGs and there is a flap to cover the laces to create a flat surface for punts. The shoes have held up through a full season of kicking with the only wear coming from the color of the balls. The bottom of the shoe has a cleat design that is made to keep mud off the bottom of the shoe. This allows for stabilisation of the plant foot in any kicking position."

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