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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The D3 Kicking Shoes, part 3

Our annual Q&A series with college specialists continues with Division III kickers and punters. We asked seniors in D3 the following question:
"Could you tell us a little about your kicking shoes."
Following is the final third of the responses.

Kyle Hamby, Salisbury
"Growing up playing other positions as well as kicking I got comfortable wearing football cleats rather than soccer cleats. I have worn the same pair of Nike Vapor football cleats for the last four years. I don't know if they are as light or as thin as soccer cleats are but they are low cut and allow for me to point my toe and get my foot into proper position."

Samuel Cote, Wheaton College
"They are white Nike Mercurials with an orange swoosh. The have the laces off to the side of the cleat which I really like. They formed best to my foot after they got wet for the first time. I had to shave down the front spikes on my right cleat. They have lasted me through now two season and have held together really well! "

Grant Shreve, Millikin
"Tiempos! Two sizes smaller than normal, and shaved off front spikes. Preferably white to make myself think I have faster leg speed than I actually do."

Erickson Andrews, Oberlin College
"I wore Copas from Adidas. Tongue cut off on my kicking shoe." 

Edward Ruhnke, Mount Union
"They are the adizero f50's I like them because they fit very tight they are an all leather model and are also very light."

Kevin Sheldon, Central College
"My kicking shoes are a bit different from everyone else's. They're black and neon green and have almost an ankle sock that provides great support for ankle lock. They're also extremely light! I'm always one for Nikes and they're my go-to for kicking shoes."

Joseph Janovic, Montclair State
"I use Nike Mecurials. But make sure its decent enough leather so that it forms a tight fit around your foot. I usually buy a size or size and a half small so that there is zero space in between my foot and the cleat. Nikes are slim fit."

Joe Mallock, Williams College
"My favorite shoe is the Nike Total90 Laser IV firm ground. While I have 5 pairs of those (all customized), I bought the Nike CTR360 Trequartista III for the fall season. There are three things that I care about most in a cleat. First are the spikes. I always wear the firm ground cleat, even on turf. But, I file down the front two spikes on my kicking foot to eliminate drag as my foot sweeps across the surface. Second, I like a cleat with a good sweet spot that is free from laces and totally exposed. And lastly, I like cleats with some flash. That customized flare makes me feel professional when I'm on the field, and confidence is the most important thing anyway."

Preston Cahill, Centre College
"The past three years I have worn Nike Mercurials and been somewhat pleased. However, they do not seem to hold up through the whole season. This year I moved to the Adidas Predator Instincts. Durable and comfortable. I also buy them about a size smaller than my usual shoes to make the shoe very snug to help with ball contact. Other kickers go even smaller but being comfortable is important. The only other advice I have is grinding down the cleats on your kicking shoe that may catch the ground."

Adam Kaminski, Dickinson College
"Over the years I have used several cleats but the one common factor was that they were all soccer cleats. I think soccer cleats have a better feel around your foot. Growing up both kicking and playing soccer I just became more accustomed to wearing soccer cleats. Also, I think soccer cleats have a flatter surface and are constructed for better contact with a football, especially on the inside of the shoe. My biggest suggestion would be to find a pair or two of comfortable soccer shoes, break them in, and be ready to use both if one of them rips or anything like that."

Ben Wagner, Concordia College (MN)
"My first year I used regular football cleats for both feet mainly because I've had these shoes for a long time and I was accustomed to using them. But the next season I needed a new pair because of the wear and tear especially on my right shoe, my kicking foot, so I decided to buy a pair of soccer cleats and use a soccer shoe for my kicking foot and a football shoe for my plant foot. It worked well for me until one game where I lost my planting before two kicks resulting in a make and a miss from 47 yards. I decided to change to two soccer cleats at halftime of that game and I have used two soccer cleats since then. I don't really think the type of shoes matters that much, football or soccer, it's more of a feeling thing and if you're comfortable in your shoes!"

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