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Thursday, February 19, 2015

NFL Scouting Combine - Days 1 & 2 from the Specialists

The first two days of the NFL Scouting Combine are in the books. Following are some early commentary, thoughts and observations from this year's specialists:

  • Kyle Brindza (Notre Dame): "Off to Indy to fulfill my dreams. Iv prepared and am ready physically and mentally. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this week. Time to show the league and everyone how iv grown on and off the field."
  • Sam Ficken (Penn State): "Being here is obviously incredible to me. To be able to kick for all 32 teams, you know, all the coaches and GMs are looking at you, evaluating you. That's probably the best opportunity you can get."
  • Josh Lambo (Texas A&M)
  • Justin Manton (Louisiana-Monroe): “I’m left-handed and played baseball, so I can throw a little bit. That’d be cool, rolling out to the left like [Jon] Ryan did.... I’d like to show them that I’m an athlete. I want to be known as an overall football player. That’s what I can show people here.”
  • Jared Roberts (Colorado State): “A lot of people don’t realize we’re in Fort Collins, which still is at altitude but not like Denver. But I’ve had big kicks at sea level, too. We played at San Jose State; I had a 53-yarder there. So, you know, I think I have enough kicks on film to show that I have a big leg in Denver, but also at sea level.”
  • Will Baumann (North Carolina State)
  • Kyle Christy (Florida): "[Caleb Sturgis] just told me everything to expect so that I got here and I wasn’t shocked by anything.... I thought we were going to be able to just sleep in. I don’t know why I thought that but he said to expect them to keep you up pretty late at night and make you wake up pretty early in the morning."
  • Will Johnson (Texas State)
  • Kyle Loomis (Portland State): "[being 27] is kind of a positive. I'm more mature. I've seen a lot of stuff off the field. There's nothing in the game that's going to screw me up. I think it helps, actually."
  • Trevor Pardula (Kansas): “I played soccer my whole life, could always kick farther than almost anyone I played against, so I figured I’d give it a shot. My senior year, my high school team, we went 1-9 so there wasn’t much exposure there.”
  • Bradley Pinion (Clemson): "Last day of prep for the combine in 30 degrees! Living out a dream! Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes! #CombineCountdown."
  • Spencer Roth (Baylor)
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