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Saturday, July 4, 2015

First Kicks, part 3

When does kicking first begin? We asked kickers and punters the following question: "What is your earliest recollection of kicking a ball (any kind of ball)?"

Patrick Murray, kicker, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
"Soccer ball in my crib. I could kick before I could walk."

Colton Schmidt, punter, Buffalo Bills 
"I first started putting foot to ball in preschool where we played pick up soccer games and kick ball. So I was about 4 years old when I first starting to kick balls."

Rene Paredes, kicker, Calgary Stampeders
"My first time kicking a score ball was when I was 5 years with my dad back in Venezuela where I was born."

Giorgio Tavecchio, kicker, Oakland Raiders 
"My first recollection of anything kicking-related was in Milan, Italy when I was about 3 years old. I kicked a small mini-sized soccer ball and just barely missed my younger brother's head (who was then about 6 months old). We actually have it on home video."

Anthony Fera, kicker/punter, BC Lions 
"My first recollection of kicking a ball was back in elementary school. Whether it was kicking a ball during recess or youth soccer, I seemed to always be kicking. Can't recall a specific moment though." 

Cody Mandell, punter, Green Bay Packers
"My earliest recollection of kicking was kick ball in 4th grade. I went to a private school then and I was kicking the ball farther than everyone in the school. After school I'd go in the front yard of our house and kick a football off the ground over our basketball goal. From there it extended to my dad standing four houses down the street."

Anthony Alix, kicker/punter, Ottawa Redblacks 
"5 years old. I was kicking a soccer ball with friends in the park. And then i played a lot during school break, and I started to play rugby, and then football. And then before rugby practice I was doing field goal distance comp├ętition with my friend."

Spencer Lanning, punter, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
"Playing soccer with my cousin Forrest Carter when I was 6 years old. Looked up to him my entire life, he was a spectacular player."

Jeff Locke, punter, Minnesota Vikings
"My earliest recollection of kicking a ball was 5 v 5 small goal soccer in preschool or kindergarten. Essentially, I remember the flock of kids following the ball around and whenever I got it I would kick it as far as I could. Not the best in terms of being a legitimate soccer player, but I guess I started developing the leg strength for what I do now as early as I can remember."

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