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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tonga Women's National Soccer Team News

July 8, 2015 - Mele Soakai & Mele Akolo score in 2-0 win over Solomon Islands
"Tonga got a shock to their system after losing 1-0 to Samoa in their opening match and Lui Muavesi’s side were determined not to let the same thing happen twice. With captain Penateti Feke leading the charge the side put pressure on the Solomon Islands from the outset. But Merina Joe, Janise Onika, Cathy Aihunu and their teammates had other plans. Keeping the ball low they played their way through the middle, but their final passes looking for the frontline finishers were lacking allowing Tonga to consistently counter-attack. Tonga’s constant pressure was bound to pay off eventually and it finally did in the 57th when Mele Soakai powered the ball past Solomon Islands goalkeeper Betty Sade. Solomon Islands tried to pull themselves back into the mix but were repeatedly denied by Tangamausia Maafu in goal for Tonga. The search for an equaliser left the Solomon Islands vulnerable at the back to the point that Mele Akolo was able to fire in a winner in the fourth minute of additional time." - OFC

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