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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fred Mitchell Award watch list kickers preparing, part 2

Last week the Fred Mitchell Outstanding Placekicker Award announced its 2015 preseason watch list. This past week we spoke to many of the listees and asked them the following question:
"Is there anything in particular you've been working on during the offseason or this summer in preparation for the upcoming year?"
Following is the second half of their responses.

Ryan McCrum, Southeast Missouri State University
"This year I've been focusing more on getting height on the ball for field goals, compared to last year where I was focused on just driving the ball. Also with kickoffs, I've begun to really focus / pay attention to my placement of my kicks. Even though I do a well enough job for the kickoff team to cover, coach has always made a big emphasis on ball placement, and there is always room for improvement there."

Henrique Ribiero, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
"During this summer before camp, I focused a lot on the consistency of my ball striking. Really working to hit the same ball no matter the distance or spot on the field. That way no matter the pressure, yard line or anything else, if I stay true to that same ball striking I will be confident to make my field goals."

Houston Ray, Henderson State University (Arkansas)
"The thing that I've been working on is a consistent plant foot followed by having clean ball contact."

Miles Bergner, University of South Dakota
"I think for the most part I've been trying to become an all around better specialist but the primary focus is correcting the smoothness of my kickoffs. That's the most important thing right now!"

Adam Meirose, Concordia University (Nebraska)
"I have been focusing on keeping a smooth rhythm throughout out the kick. This has helped me become consistent on kicks all over the field."

John Lunsford, Liberty University (Virginia)
"I've been working with my kicking coach, Brandon Kornblue with Kornblue Kicking, and we have been perfecting the little things. Coach Kornblue knows how I kick better than anybody so whenever he sees me do something out of the ordinary that most people would just let go, he makes me take a step back evaluate what the difference was. That helps me when I am in practice or in a game! I don't always get the pleasure of having coach there so he makes sure that I am mentally prepared for these situations."

Michael Kelley, Illinois Wesleyan University
"I've been training with my kicking coach throughout this summer, Kyle Dougherty who I have trained with since I began kicking. He kicked at Southern Illinois Univ. and is on the All-Century team there and he now coaches at Lindenwood Univ. Belleville. He has helped me tremendously throughout my kicking career. But this summer he has helped me focus on keeping my left arm more calm and compact in order to keep my chest and body square to the target when I finish through the ball. It has helped me get better ball contact and really get through the football to drive it up and through the uprights."

Trevor Smith,Davidson College (North Carolina)
"This summer I spent at Davidson lifting and running and doing abilities starting at 4:45 am. I focused on increasing my leg strength through heavy squats. I also focused on explosiveness while performing chain squats. Outside the weight room, I would stretch daily. On the the field, I would kick 3 times a week. I would vary what my focus would be. One day I would perform red zone kicks, another day mid range kicks, and the other day deep field goals. I also would include kick offs every other kicking session."

Caleb Winter, Southeastern University (Florida)
"The things I have been working on during this past off-season was my consistency first of all. My punting was probably the skill that I needed to focus on the most. Though it was probably my best skill, my consistently was not there. I had earned second team all-conference honors this past season, but I knew that work still needed to be done. I am looking forward to this upcoming season with the Southeastern Fire, and I am privileged with the chance to play football and get an education. Hopefully with the work put in this summer, I will be more consistent with both punting and kicking and excel in the classroom as well."

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