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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fred Mitchell Award watch list kickers preparing, part 3

Last month the Fred Mitchell Outstanding Placekicker Award announced its 2015 preseason watch list. This past week we spoke to many of the listees and asked them the following question:
"Is there anything in particular you've been working on during the offseason or this summer in preparation for the upcoming year?"
Following is the third half of their responses.

Josh Depp, Georgetown
"I was recruited by several college football programs during my senior year at Springboro High School. I chose Georgetown College and became a Georgetown Tiger in the fall of 2013. At that time I set four personal goals for myself, on and off the football field and in and out of season. I am a firm believer that what you strive for in the off-season will define who you are during the regular season. I have always focused on these four specific areas during the off-season: nutrition, fitness, kicking and others.

I know that my physical condition affects every aspect of my kicking performance. If I am not at my physical best, my focus, strength, accuracy and overall performance will suffer. I consistently work with a nutritionist who helps establish the optimum nutrition plan for my body, build and sport. I know that I need to be in my best physical shape before pre-season training begins, and my goal each summer is to return to preseason camp in the best shape possible. I keep a rigorous diet filled with natural foods, vegetables, proteins, whole grains and water. I consistently work to eliminate sugar from my diet. I incorporate weight training three times a week that includes legs, hips, abs, back, shoulders and arms. I am determined to keep pushing myself to achieve new fitness levels. Most athletes know the importance of consistent weight training, but with the added benefit of healthy nutrition, I am positioning myself to perform at my highest level.

I also know the importance of kicking practice, even if I am kicking accurately. For me, this means more than going out to the football field a couple times a week. I make a habit of kicking at least 150 kicks per week. I make sure that periodically I have my kicking trainer, Tim Williams, observe my kicking. He critiques my technique and often gives me guidance on how I can improve. As I continue to get physically stronger and develop better skills, he is able to show me small ways to improve in areas where I am already having success.

Another key focus for me in the off-season is to realize that my focus cannot always be football and kicking. I make sure that I have time to pursue other interests, challenge myself to learn new things and give to others. I enjoy playing golf during the summer with my dad and friends. I love being outside and spending time playing other sports with the people I enjoy being around most. I also stay active with my church and take time in the summer to go on mission trips and serve others in my community. I am currently working to establish a new fundraiser for kickers called 'Kicking Cancer'. I hope to share this idea in greater detail with you in future correspondence."

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