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Thursday, October 8, 2015

FCS Nutrition Guide for Kickers & Punters, part 2

Our annual Q&A series with college specialists continues with FCS kickers and punters. We asked seniors the following question:
"What's the most important thing you've learned during your college career regarding nutrition, diet and/or meal-planning for specialists?"
Following is the second half of the responses...

Brad Cornish, Sacramento State
"I implemented a nutrition plan that would support/enhance my workouts. I will eat a bowl of oatmeal or some pasta depending on what time our practice is. Something with high carbs will provide me with energy throughout practice. I wouldn't be as good on the field if I didn't watch what went into my body off the field." 

Osborn Umeh, Indiana State
"I have learned that you have to prepare each and everyday to have a good game in college. I have learned that the speed and strength is a whole different story. I also learned that you have a form a family to have a successful team."

Cory Carter, Texas Southern
"Always eat at least three meals a day. Intake low carbs meals and plenty of vegetables."

Stephen Doar, Presbyterian College
"The most important thing is to keep a consistent meal plan year-round, 3 meals a day, well-balanced, fruit, vegetables and meat. You feel better when you do that. It's a noticeable difference when you eat unhealthy, you feel tired and sluggish. Being conscious of a healthy meal-plan is crucial for a specialist. You gain more energy and just feel better which helps physically, but also mentally which is just as important, if not more."

Ryan Maglio, James Madison
"JMU football is extremely lucky to have a full time nutritionist working in the front office 24/7. Before we had this it was easy to go to the dining halls and make a lot of unhealthy decisions. But the nutrition staff has taught me how to take care of my body so I can maintain a strong performance throughout the season. The most important thing I have learned regarding nutrition is 48 hours before a game, nothing goes into my body but water, carbs, protein, and a type of vegetable (my personal choice is broccoli). This is really easy to do because as a team we spend all day Friday and Saturday together prepping for our games. The meals are provided and that is exactly what they have for us. About three hours before every game we all have pasta with grilled chicken, veggies, and a big salad. For me it is the perfect meal because it's not too heavy and it keeps me energized and ready to go for four quarters."

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