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Friday, October 2, 2015

Punters Answer the Big Question: Hawthorn or West Coast?

The Australian Rules football season comes to its grand conclusion this weekend with the AFL Grand Final, where the Hawthorn Hawks will face the West Coast Eagles. 

We checked in with a few Aussies, most of whom have become associated with American football punting, to get their thoughts on the big game.

Brad Craddock (from Adelaide, South Australia)
kicker for University of Maryland
"Hawthorn is my tip, more experienced and they know how to win. They will be looking to get back at the Eagles after a couple of weeks ago. I think it will be a close game but the Hawks by 2 goals."
Ben Graham (from Leopold, Victoria, Australia)
former NFL punter; also a former Geelong Cat
"Hawthorn by 10 goals for the 3-peat. Too experienced, too skilled and drilled and home state advantage. Sam Mitchell for Norm Smith."
Jamie Keehn (from Gracemere, Queensland, Australia)
punter for Louisiana State University
"My heart says West Coast, but hey head says Hawthorn. The Hawks have been the dominate team in the league over the last 3-5 years. But I have a feeling that West Coast are up and about for this one so I'm going to say that West Coast win in a close one."
Josh Growden (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Louisiana State University
"West coast, they'll be more hungry for a premiership."
Daniel Pasquariello (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Penn State University
"I think it'll be a close game but the Eagles look like they're hitting some good form at the right time. West Coast by 15 points."
Will Gleeson (from Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Ole Miss
"Hawthorn - they know what they have to do to win in Grand Finals. I can't see West Coast stopping the Hawks run."
Tim Gleeson (from Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Rutgers University
"I think the projected warm weather should work in West Coast's favor. Hawthorn have been just too good these past few years; so I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of love shared. Predicting Eagles to be flying high after the game - West Coast by 13."
Dean Kelly (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Stillman College
"I like West Coast, they have proven this year they can win away from home but also Hawthorn has traveled to Perth twice in 3 weeks which may play a roll on them but they are a good team and can't be underestimated... Should be a good game but West Coast!"
Lenny Holderhead (from Leongatha, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Tennessee State University
"Hawks for me. Will be a different game than what we saw two weeks ago. This time it is at the MCG and they won't make the same mistakes again. Hawks by 4 goals. Rioli for Norm Smith medal."
Nick Porebski (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Oregon State
"West Coast for the win. I grew up supporting the Eagles so I'll look forward to watching them beat the Hawks!"
Darcy Williamson (from Victoria, Australia)
punter for Jackson State University
"I'm supporting West Coast but I think Hawthorn will win in a close game. Both pretty even across the field but Hawthorn will be better suited on the big stage."
Christian Eldred (from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
former punter for University of Minnesota
"I think Hawks take the 3-peat with more big game experience and the Melbourne home field advantage."
Jay Karutz (from Sydney Australia)
former punter for Eastern Michigan University
"Huge rematch from a turning point in the age of football from power blood and guts to speed skill and structure in 1991. I believe West Coast will get retribution from that loss in 1991 by 23 points."
Dave Lonie (from Palm Beach Australia)
former punter for University of California, camped with Washington & Green Bay in NFL
"Hawks - I think that loss to West Coast they had will bring them together and make them a but hungrier. The travel won't help west coast but should be a battle between 2 similar teams. Should make for an entertaining match. Expecting a close intense Game but give it to Hawks."
Jy Bond (from Melbourne Australia)
punted for UFL's Hartford Colonials in 2010
"I think Hawks have the experience and will win again. Will be a great game and could be a battle of the coaches."
Nathan Chapman (from Bendigo Australia)
former Green Bay Packers punter, now with Prokick Australia
"West Coast by 28 points. I think its super hard to go 3 in a row and I feel West Coast have a very strong relentless team. For me, they are a bit stronger or have had more consistency across the year."

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